My most recent blog post discussed whether or not news was beneficial to our society.  Recently, in Theory of Knowledge, a topic came up that I thought was a prime example of news that should not have been shared with the world.  We discussed whether or not rich people should be allowed to pay disabled people […]

I have considered lately whether or not the access to multiple worldwide news sources benefits or harms our society.  On one side, news can be informative, while it can also be seen to take the country to war.  Is it more important for people to be educated in local and global affairs?  Or is it […]

I recently made a rather controversial tweet calling out a leading U.S. economist, Larry Summers.  For those of you who do not know about Summers’s ideals, he is an economist on the left side of the political spectrum.  In the case of a recession, like the one the country is currently undergoing, he generally prefers […]

In my initial response to what I thought was the most important thing for one to know, I detailed that it was most important for one to know one’s values, as it allows one to prioritize, and be happier and more successful altogether.  I put a lot of emphasis on how it aids one with […]

I have only touched the tip of the iceberg with both of the knowledge issues that I have put forth.  I would just like to tie up some loose ends for now: Knowledge Issue 1: Present-Minded Thinking Versus Future-Minded Thinking Overall, it can be seen that thinking for the future gives our lives more meaning, […]

Many people remember Peyton Manning’s last press conference with the Indianapolis Colts.  Even if you were not a fan of him or the Colts, you could not help but feel bad for the man.  This is an example of pathos, and as we can see, it was very easy to be affected by a grown […]

First, it is important that we define logos, pathos, and ethos, for the sake of these next couple of blogs.  Now, I must define the question that I will be investigating.  I am very curious as to what matters most out of the three pillars.  According to an article on the 3 Pillars of Public […]