Tying Up Loose Ends – 2 Knowledge Issues

I have only touched the tip of the iceberg with both of the knowledge issues that I have put forth.  I would just like to tie up some loose ends for now:

Knowledge Issue 1: Present-Minded Thinking Versus Future-Minded Thinking

Overall, it can be seen that thinking for the future gives our lives more meaning, as we have something to look forward to.  Even if we are not happy for the time being, we put off benefit so that we can receive it later.  The more we reason with our System 2s, it is possible that we will make the choice to receive benefit in the future instead of in the present, since how much one values the present versus the future is a partially learned subject.  However, the subject is also partially innate, and for some of us, our System 1s win more often.  This partially innate and partially learned combination is something I find very interesting, and I feel like this helps explain different tendencies of people in our society.

Knowledge Issue 2: Logos Versus Pathos Versus Ethos

The pillar that you find most important is totally up to you, and depends on how you think.  If you rely on emotion, pathos is probably most important to you.  Ethos corresponds with sense perception, and logos corresponds with reasoning.  As a whole, a truly successful leader should build all three of these pillars.  In my opinion, logos in the most important, but it must be in conjunction with the other two pillars – you could be a genius, but not connect with your audience any other way.  Simply having one of the three pillars might get a speaker into a better position, but there is no way the speaker will appeal to everyone.  As a whole, this is a knowledge issue that can continue to be pursued.


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