The Most Important Thing to Know

In my initial response to what I thought was the most important thing for one to know, I detailed that it was most important for one to know one’s values, as it allows one to prioritize, and be happier and more successful altogether.  I put a lot of emphasis on how it aids one with self-discovery, and knowing oneself better.  Since my colleagues gave me feedback on what I had to say, I have been able to consider their opinions in order to assess my own.

My idea was very broad, and I have been able to narrow down what specifically is the most important thing to know.  I still believe that the most important thing to know is your own set of values so that you can prioritize, but you must also be aware of the limitations of these values, so that you do not completely infringe on others’.  Firstly, to discuss the importance of prioritizing, a person must know what he or she wants in order to achieve or receive what is best for that person.  This is seen in all aspects of life where a decision must be made, including when making financial decisions and voting.  If you know what is important to you and can utilize that knowledge to set goals and priorities, you will have a happier, more successful life.

While it would bring the most personal satisfaction to pursue your own priorities to the fullest extent you possibly can, some feedback brought me to reality, saying that this may completely infringe on others’ innate rights as human beings.  For example, the Ku Klux Klan (commonly refered to as the KKK), just like any terrorist group, hates a certain group of people (African Americans).  It may be the group’s priority to rid the population of them, however, that violates the basic rights that African Americans have as human beings.  We must know the moral and ethical limitations of our values, as we cannot set priorities that completely hinder another person’s ability to live.  I see this as a strict guideline; I still believe that people are allowed to put themselves first, I just do not think extreme values such as killing innocent people should be tolerated.

The ability to adapt your values must stem from this as well, as over time, some priorities are not applicable to your life.  Flexibility in one’s values is vital, as in order to continue to achieve what you want, you must constantly know what you currently want.

As a whole, knowing what is important to you so that you can go out and achieve what you want is the single most important thing to know.  Additionally, it was brought to my attention that knowing what you want so that you can prioritize does not simply help for big projects or life goals; it also is effective when doing something small such as making a schedule to perform duties on time and effectively.

Overall, I believe that it is clear how important knowing what is important to you is.  It allows you to get what you want done.  In knowing what is important to you, you learn more about yourself as well.  If a person knows this, he or she can go through life in the most successful way possible, as long as his or her values are not malicious in nature.


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