Recent News – Should We Hear It? A Continuation of My Previous Post

My most recent blog post discussed whether or not news was beneficial to our society.  Recently, in Theory of Knowledge, a topic came up that I thought was a prime example of news that should not have been shared with the world.  We discussed whether or not rich people should be allowed to pay disabled people to come to Disneyland with them in order to cut lines.  Here is a link to the article that announced the news.

The article begged the question of what should be done regarding the people who were cheating the system.  While I personally believed that Disney should not crack down on the wealthy (based on reasons such as the compensation for the disabled, the rest of the people at Disney do not need to wait on a much longer line, etc.), it seems from here that something must be done.  The issue with this is that if the news was never announced, this practice could still be done, with the rich benefiting, and the rest of the people not noticing.  Now that the article was created, Disney has no choice but to act on the issue.  My Theory of Knowledge class overwhelmingly agreed that it was acceptable for the rich to do this, but confirmed that now Disney must do something about the problem.

That is one example of how the media can blow a small issue (since only a select few are partaking in the payments) way out of proportion.  Now, a problem that nearly everyone was unaware of has been brought to the forefront of everyone’s attentions: people have had emotional responses to the issue.  Immediate System I response would be upset with those who paid disabled people to come to Disney with them simply to cut the long lines.  However, if we were to analyze the situation, System II would reason that it might actually be acceptable for the rich to do this.  Disabled people are making money that they otherwise would not, and getting the experience of going to Disney.  Overall, I felt that CNN was at fault for reporting this in the first place, as what was occurring was helpful for some people.  It barely impacted other people, if at all.  As a whole, this shows how news can have a negative impact on society, and that maybe we do not need to hear all of what happens.


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